Watch Anne Hathaway Discuss the Time She Pranked Jared Leto

Watch Anne Hathaway Discuss the Time She Pranked Jared Leto

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Anne Hathaway might We Work hard, however she likewise plays difficult.

The Oscar- winning starlet stars with Jared Leto in AppleTV+ s upcoming drama series, We Crashed, which narrates the fluctuate of start-up We Work. Though shooting was extreme, Hathaway exposed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that she handled to have a good time by unexpected the House of Gucci star with a spontaneous efficiency of Lady Gaga‘s notorious Gucci prayer.

“I really respect Jared’s process, and I had a wonderful time working with whoever that was, and we really created the most beautiful connection between us and I always wanted to be really respectful,” she informed host Stephen Colbert “But the day the House of Gucci trailer came out, I indicate, I had to do something. I could not simply let it be.”

“We were shooting together when it came out, we were working together for three of four months,” Hathaway stated. “And so the House of Gucci trailer came out and we shot a truly extreme scene all the time and at the very end … he resembled ‘Okay, all right have a great night.'”

“I said, ‘Just one more thing,’ and I go, ‘Father, Son, House of Gucci,'” Hathaway stated imitating Gaga’s accent and indication of the cross, “since you have to!”