Watch Below Deck’s Rachel Bash James: “He’s a F–king Idiot” – E! Online

Watch Below Deck's Rachel Bash James:

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If intoxicated words are undoubtedly sober ideas, then Below Deck‘s latest boatmance will not be getting Chef Rachel Hargrove‘s stamp of approval at any time quickly.

The Bravo star discharges on Elizabeth Frankini in this unique preview of tonight’s brand new episode, informing the stew that her present connection partner, James Hough, isn’t worthwhile of her time. And to make matters worse, Rachel is doing this while out to supper with the whole team—consisting of James, who can hear whatever she’s stating.

“I’m so mad at you. I’m mad at you,” Rachel informs Elizabeth. “Why the f–k would you go f–k that dude?”

“He’s a f–king idiot,” she includes, declining to mince her somewhat slurred words. “I’m f–king pissed.”

Elizabeth, puzzled, does not truly respond. “You don’t like James?” she reacts. “I like him a lot. Give it a chance.”

But prior to Rachel can state anything, a fed-up James delves into the discussion: “Can you do me a favor and not talk about me?”

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