Watch: Ignorant Woman Goes Against Traffic in PJ Road But Refuses to Back Down


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Because the world turns into increasingly superior, you’d assume that folks would additionally develop together with it. I assume that’s not the case for everybody as some individuals nonetheless possess a really dangerous mentality.

In a latest video that’s shared to Fb, David Foo pinpoints a woman’s blatant wrongdoing – driving within the mistaken route.

Supply: Fb

He shares within the put up that the stall operators in a hawker centre have been complaining concerning the actual driver who at all times causes main inconvenience by going within the mistaken means and likewise parking in a way which might hinder site visitors move. The woman even had the audacity to depart her automobile in the midst of the highway whereas she went to purchase noodles!

David admits that he’s not the kind to resort to video recordings however after watching his video, you’ll additionally perceive why he did what he did.

Supply: Fb

The background of the video goes like this: David drove in to a slim highway, the woman who was going towards site visitors didn’t cease and so their automobiles are actually blocking one another (with the woman refusing to budge, wanting David to reverse out as a substitute).

When requested to reverse, she even had the nerve to blurt out sarcastic excuses, saying she will be able to’t transfer as a result of she’s “not a very good driver”.

David retorts again, “In the event you can not reverse, you’re a awful driver, please hand over your driving license. You’re not match to drive.”

What’s even mind-blowing is that although she’s the one at fault, the unapologetic girl says, “and I’ve tolerated this nonsense from you individuals on a regular basis”.

What nonsense, girl? Are all of us lacking one thing right here?

The infuriating video lasts about 1.5 minutes with extra of her mind-blowing ‘comebacks’.

David updates that the argument finally ended when she realised that he’s not going to provide in to her and eventually reversed, however after all, not earlier than bullying one other feminine driver that was behind David’s automobile.

You’ll be able to watch the video right here. Warning: It is going to make your blood boil!


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