Watch North West Prank Mom Kim Kardashian

Watch North West Prank Mom Kim Kardashian

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Kids pull the darnedest tricks.

Kim Kardashian showed that she isn’t unsusceptible to being shenanigans as her 9-year-old child North West pulled a quick on on her in a Dec 18 TikTok video. In the clip, North headed to her mother’s bed room with a pink razor and pretended to shave the SKIMS magnate’s eyebrows as she oversleeped bed.

“So funny, the fake eyebrows filter,” the caption over the video read, recommending that North was utilizing a cam filter to make Kim’s eyebrows appear thinner onscreen. The girl then woke Kim up from her rest, stating, “Mom, get up.”

So, how did Kim respond? After opening her eyes and seeing what’s on screen, the truth star quipped, “North, this is not funny.”

This isn’t the very first time North has punk ‘d Kim utilizing social networks filters. OnDec 17, the mother-daughter duo shared another video to their joint TikTok account in which North spilled a beverage on the flooring. Kim then searched disapprovingly, as a cam filter misshaped the SKKN by KIM creator’s functions.