Watch the Before the 90 Days Cast Call Out Ella for Cheating

Watch the Before the 90 Days Cast Call Out Ella for Cheating

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Ella Johnson remains in the spot …

And things aren’t looking quite for her. During season 5 of Before the 90 Days, Ella exposed that she cheated on her long-distance love Johnny Chao while he was stuck in China due to COVID-19 constraints. And now, in an unique peek at sequel of the series’ reunion, the cast members are speaking out about what they consider the affair.

“I need it to be known,” Ella states, attempting to describe herself. “My love language is touch and two years is a really long time to have to wait.”

Then Memphis butts in. “Then you shouldn’t be in a long-distance relationship if you’re that vulnerable,” she states, “and do not put yourself because circumstance. Me and [Moknii Hamza], you understand, we have actually been far from each other for a long period of time, similar to you. You need to do little things like the attractive time things to attempt to like keep that going due to the fact that temptation is a you-know-what.”

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