Watch the Season 2 Trailer of Oxygen’s An Unexpected Killer – E! Online

Watch the Season 2 Trailer of Oxygen's An Unexpected Killer - E! Online

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Season 2 of An Unexpected Killer makes sure to pull the carpet out from under even the savviest of true-crime fans.

Brand brand-new episodes of the Oxygen series start Friday, Jan. 15, and it will not be long prior to audiences are second-guessing whatever as they view fascinating interviews with prospective suspects and thorough assessments of criminal offense scenes, following in addition to knowledgeable murder detectives who think they’re inches far from resolving a case, just to discover something unexpected. 

Take the season 2 best for instance.

In the initial episode, an effective TELEVISION manufacturer and mom of one is discovered shot dead in her high end house. Suspicion winds up falling on her soon-to-be-ex-husband, however his airtight alibi leads investigators to question other prospective suspects. And simply when the solid investigators think they have a break in the case, they’re confronted with a stunning and unanticipated surprise in a really twisted examination.