We Asked A Draught Master For Tips on How M’sians Can Tell a Good Beer From a Bad One


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For these of you who love grabbing a chilly one along with your gang, this subject ought to curiosity you! In any case, how a lot do we actually learn about our favorite alcoholic drinks? Nicely, fortunate for you, we’ve gotten in contact with a draught grasp to record out some ideas you’ll be able to be aware of so that you is usually a beer professional your self! Additionally, a fast shoutout to HEINEKEN Malaysia for sponsoring this submit!

So, right here’s what you must know on the subject of the completely different brew types comparable to:



1. Verify to see if there are bubbles caught to the facet of your glass

One factor you must love on the subject of beers or lagers is how bubbly they will get, BUT, irrespective of how bubbly, there ought to by no means be bubbles lingering along side your glass -they ought to solely be on the floor. For those who do see bubbles caught to the facet of your glass, it merely signifies that a part of your glass is soiled. So you’ll want to ask for a brand new one! Don’t let a grimy glass break a great beer.


2. As soon as your draught beer is poured, examine for a clean and creamy head

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This principally refers back to the prime of the glass the place there needs to be a clean and creamy foam head, which signifies that it has a richness to it. That is additionally a great indicator of a recent and well-poured draught beer.

Moreover, the froth additionally must be of a sure thickness. The froth for a Heineken Draught, for example, when poured accurately right into a Heineken glass, ought to attain the shoulders of the crimson star, like within the picture above! That’s how you recognize the bartender adopted the 5-step pouring ritual and that it’s recent.



three. An excellent and recent lager needs to be clear 

Apart from being clear in look, there shouldn’t be bubbles both. As for style, it needs to be crisp, refreshing and full-bodied.

For those who’re on the lookout for a great lager, give Tiger Beer a strive! Regardless of many saying Asia is just too scorching a spot to brew beer, Tiger Beer has been beating the chances with its Tropical Lagering strategies since 1932. Wow!



four. As you drink your stout, do you discover any lacing?

Much like how carrying lipstick can go away stains in your cups, a great stout will go away behind a kind of residue on the glass, and that is referred to as lacing. Each time you are taking a gulp, it ought to go away some foamy residue behind, like this:

We Asked A Draught Master For Tips on How M'sians Can Tell a Good Beer From a Bad One - WORLD OF BUZZ

Supply: TheBrewReviewCrew


5. It ought to have a wealthy and creamy head

[TEST] We Asked A Draught Master For Tips on How M'sians Can Tell a Good Beer From a Bad One - WORLD OF BUZZ

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Not like lagers or draughts, stouts usually include a thicker, creamier and richer foam head. This is among the important telltale indicators of a great stout. The style, then again, needs to be bittersweet, however wealthy and creamy on the similar time.

For those who’re on the lookout for the right stout, give Guinness Stout a strive! Its conventional Irish recipe guarantees a wealthy aroma of roasted malted barley and extra! Additionally, the following time you order a pint of Guinness, check out it underneath the sunshine, you’ll discover it’s truly a darkish crimson color and never brown or black. #Mindblown



6. It should NOT have bubbles and may scent of fruits and hops 

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Swirl your mug a bit, then scent it. Good ales ought to let you scent and style a kind of fruity aroma in addition to the pungent scent of hops. Apart from this, be sure that there aren’t any bubbles in any respect!

An excellent Irish Ale that provides that excellent fruity and flowery aroma can be Kilkenny! And ICYMI, Kilkenny is among the oldest beers in Eire; it’s been round since 1710! It tastes clean and creamy with a touch of roasted espresso. Yum!



7. The most effective ciders are those made with a particular kind of apples

[TEST] We Asked A Draught Master For Tips on How M'sians Can Tell a Good Beer From a Bad One - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Supply: TheSplendidTable

And the kind of apples wanted for a great cider is principally apples harvested of their ripest kind. Chances are you’ll not be capable of inform simply by smelling or taking a look at your cider if the apples used had been actually ripe or not, so simply do a little bit of analysis. Manufacturers like Strongbow Apple Cider and Apple Fox Cider make theirs with the ripest apples, sourced from the perfect orchards. Sounds refreshing!



eight. There needs to be a thick, long-lasting head

[TEST] We Asked A Draught Master For Tips on How M'sians Can Tell a Good Beer From a Bad One - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

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Attributable to its excessive protein content material, not solely do wheat beers seem extra cloudy, however their foamy heads are normally a lot thicker and it additionally lasts longer if it’s recent and poured accurately. In actual fact, a pint of wheat beer within the night might be sufficient to maintain you full for the remainder of the night time due to all that protein. Nicely, in case you’re on the lookout for some good Wheat Beer manufacturers, take a look at Paulaner and Tiger White! 

Paulaner additionally occurs to be one of many official beers on the world-famous Oktoberfest, simply FYI.


Sooo, which brew model ought to I’m going for???

Easy! Simply look out for manufacturers that supply premium high quality brews.

HEINEKEN Malaysia, for example, has a line-up of manufacturers for each brew together with Heineken, world’s no. 1 premium lager accessible in 192 nations; Tiger beer, world’s no. 1 Asian beer that pioneered Tropical Lagering; Guinness, the world’s No. 1 stout; Kilkenny, the premium Irish ale; Paulaner brewed based on the oldest and strictest regulation, ‘The German Purity Regulation’; and the refreshing Apple Fox and Strongbow ciders. Psst… do you know that there are 10,000 sorts of apple varieties all over the world?

[TEST] We Asked A Draught Master For Tips on How M'sians Can Tell a Good Beer From a Bad One - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

For those who actually love your brews, be sure you get a style of actual high quality brews from HEINEKEN Malaysia. Even higher, take this time to understand the craftsmanship going again a whole bunch of years for among the brews!

And a method you are able to do simply that’s at The Nice Brew Fest taking place now ’til November!

This nationwide occasion celebrates high quality brews and craftsmanship the place beer lovers get to take pleasure in superior promos on HEINEKEN Malaysia’s premium worldwide beers, stouts and ciders.

What’s much more thrilling is the truth that HEINEKEN Malaysia has give you a model new, restricted version, domestically brewed pageant beer in a becoming tribute to craftsmanship! Often known as the Tiger Amber Lager, that is the primary domestically brewed amber lager which comes with a touch of malty sweetness and hoppy aroma. It’s additionally a full flavour lager.

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Moreover, whenever you go to any of your favorite pubs or bars (which can be HEINEKEN Malaysia’s taking part shops) throughout The Nice Brew Fest, you’ll be able to participate in superior Brew Video games and win wonderful prizes price as much as RM250,000!

There are additionally attractive, restricted version designer mugs up for grabs everytime you buy your favorite brews! Designed by a few of Malaysia’s most famed artists together with CLOAKWORK, Kenji Chai, Lovely Machines that includes Sling, Jarold Sng, and Lynda (Pink Tattoos), you don’t wish to miss out on grabbing your self a mug, or higher but get your complete set!

[TEST] We Asked A Draught Master For Tips on How M'sians Can Tell a Good Beer From a Bad One - WORLD OF BUZZ 4

With the mug, you’ll be able to participate in The Nice Brew Fest MugShot contest too! All you must do is:

  1. Take a photograph with the restricted version mug
  2. Try this Fb submit and add your photograph within the feedback part and tag three mates
    • For those who be a part of with Instagram, add your photograph with the hashtags #TheGreatBrewFest and #HeinekenMalaysia (Ensure that your account is public)

It’s that easy!

The Nice Brew Fest occurs now ’til 10 November 2018 all throughout the nation, so don’t say we bojio aite! Be sure to come, seize a drink and have enjoyable (responsibly) with us! Don’t miss out on this expertise of a lifetime. See you there!

Discover out extra about The Nice Brew Fest by liking their Fb web page and following them on Instagram!

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