We Ranked All The Masked Singer Reveals – E! Online

We Ranked All The Masked Singer Reveals - E! Online

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How’s everyone doing tonight? Pretty dull time? Nothing going on? 

While you’re passing the time awaiting absolutely nothing in specific, why not take a little journey down Masked Singer memory lane? We’ve now experienced more than 50 unmaskings throughout 3 and a half seasons, and some have actually certainly struck more difficult than others. Sometimes our response in fact does match the suspiciously surprised faces of the audience members and other times, all we can do is state, “Who?” 

In order to sidetrack ourselves, we have actually upgraded our ranking of all of the exposes up until now, in order from least to most exhilarating. Remember when Sarah Palin was a Bear? And when Bella Thorne was a Swan? Bret Michaels was likewise a Banana as soon as! 

This program has actually provided us some genuinely wild minutes given that it initially premiered in January 2019 (almost a whole life time ago), and now it’s time to take a little appearance back. 

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