We Tested Pinterest Thanksgiving Hacks To See Which Ones Were Legit


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THE RESULTS: To actually see if this hack was price it, I baked a second pie utilizing this recipe that is similar to the Cooks Illustrated one, aside from the truth that it would not use vodka.

Prep-wise, the vodka dough undoubtedly did not break as simply because the test-pie. Nevertheless it was additionally a lot stickier due to the moisture from the vodka. It was form of a multitude to deal with, TBH, and I most likely would not choose this technique if I had been making a lattice.

As soon as baked, the vodka crust was undoubtedly flakier and crumblier that the take a look at pie, whereas nonetheless holding collectively properly. I had a number of individuals attempt it and most of the people most popular the vodka crust due to its flakiness. So, does it make a distinction? Sure, undoubtedly. Is it well worth the effort? In the event you actually love super-flaky pie crusts, most likely. In any other case, I would not exit of my option to attempt it.

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