Weinstein complaints mount but most monsters lurk outside the movies

The fall of Harvey Weinstein has occasioned a great outpouring of rage and grief … but mostly from victims.

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A woman doesn’t have to be a young and beautiful movie star to attract the attention of a predatory man.

Being a woman is enough. Not every woman will be raped, but many will. Some will die at the hands of their attackers.

Film academy expels Weinstein

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced their decision to expel producer Harvey Weinstein, following allegations that he sexually harassed or assaulted a number of women over the past three decades.

Many, many more will be assaulted, sexually, in attacks that fall short of the legal definition of rape.

And as best I can tell by, you know, asking, pretty much every single woman will live every day subject to the possibility of some form of aggression, intimidation or gendered ugliness by some man, somewhere.

The fall of Harvey Weinstein, the Miramaximum douche-nozzle, has occasioned a great outpouring of rage and grief and righteous animus … but mostly from his victims and the numberless ranks of less-famous, less-celebrated victims of other less-famous, less-celebrated predators.

You will have seen at least some of this online the past few days. Women you know, even if only at a remove, talking about their experiences of  unfairness, discrimination, intimidation, assault and, in the final extreme, of rape.

Their attackers weren’t movie moguls or software billionaires or even the President of the United States, although there appears to be no shortage of women to tell those particular stories.


Most normal women are attacked, assaulted or simply monstered in one way or another by normal men, and that’s who you’re not hearing from this week.

Not unless it’s men whining about the insult and injury done to their own precious feels by the assumption that all men do this, or other men whining about women getting all the attention when it’s a true fact that men get sexually assaulted too, you know!

Or, god help us, men droning on and on about taking this seriously because they have daughters, as though there could be no capacity for empathy or even a necessity for it, unless their precious DNA was at risk.

And, of course, there’s always going to be the worst examples from the worst men, pushing back against the idea that Weinstein or any man who takes what he wants because he wants it, is doing something less than natural, or even admirable.

This small and gruesome band of brothers is mostly an internet phenomenon because they’re a bit frightened of stepping out into the world of real things, where somebody might punch them in the face.

But they exist on a continuum with rapists and killers at one end, and every man who’s simply treated a woman as somehow less than him at other.

Unless and until men as a whole decide to step off that continuum, nothing will change.

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