Welcome to CNET’s Guide to Smart Living in San Francisco

Welcome to CNET's Guide to Smart Living in San Francisco

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In 2015, when CNET revealed our very first CNET Smart Home (It’s incredible living laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky), many people had no concept what a wise house is. Years later on, almost half of America owns a wise house gadget.

But here’s what’s strange: Most of you may not even understand that you own an item that can deal with your house to make your life simpler. We dealt with a research study with The Harris Poll in late 2017 and discovered that amongst those who specify that they do not have a wise house or health/wellness gadget, 49 percent in fact do when provided with a breakdown. In other words, wise house and health innovation is so prevalent, in some cases we forget we currently own it.

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Step inside CNET’s Guide to Smart Living


That’s why we’re introducing the newest CNET Smart Home project: CNET’s Guide to Smart Living, sponsored by Comcast, right here in San Francisco. This home sits in the heart of this beautiful city, and it’s where we’ll create instructive guides that show you the best ways to live with the technology you own and the astounding products coming tomorrow.

The 2,952 square foot house, outfitted by Williams Sonoma, is lovely. You’ll definitely want to follow us on Instagram. 

Next, look forward to hallmark content — both written and in helpful, entertaining video — day in an day out. Among the pieces you can look forward to: 

  • Smart Home 101: The basics of building a smart home, including choosing a hub and installing some of the easy, simple devices that allow for lots of integrations. (i.e., lights, smart switches and door locks)
  • Automating your morning routine: Wake up to the gradual rise of lights — not a blaring alarm; immediately get the news and already brewed coffee
  • Tips and tricks that make everyday life easier: surprising laundry hacks (DIY dryer sheets!), cleaning and organization suggestions (like the best ways to cord-wrangle)
  • Smart kitchen: How-tos for connected devices and hacks for small appliances, like the Instant Pot

We’re so excited to have another showcase for our smart home work and we hope you’ll learn from everything we work on here while you continue to get the best product testing and reviews out of our Kentucky home. Enjoy!

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