What took place after the UAE altered its work week

What happened after the UAE changed its work week

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The United Arab Emirates moved its working week at the start of 2022 to much better line up with the remainder of the world. The federal government’s objective was to enhance the work-life balance for residents and cement Dubai’s position as business center of the MiddleEast But do its homeowners believe the modification has worked?

With simply three-and-half-weeks’ notification, the United Arab Emirates federal government altered the nation’s working week. Government staff members started working Monday to Friday, with a versatile half day on Fridays, a modification from the previous Sunday to Thursday work week.

While the choice was abrupt, it wasn’t a surprise. It was among numerous efforts from authorities targeted at improving the UAE’s post-pandemic economy and assisting it stand apart amongst its next-door neighbors.

It likewise isn’t the very first time the nation has actually altered its weekend. The UAE embraced Friday as a weekly vacation back in 1971 and didn’t include Thursday to make it a two-day weekend till1999 Then in 2006, the weekend was altered to Friday and Saturday.

Steven Valentino is the CEO and creator of the London Project, a dining establishment in Dubai that concentrates on breakfasts. The Friday breakfast was extremely popular for champagne bottle-popping travelers and an essential for the city’s “work hard, play hard” homeowners, however it has actually now transferred to Saturday.

“When I speak to people that have been here for a long period of time, they have had trouble adjusting. You do notice the change, but I think really, everyone’s adapted quite quickly,” Valentino stated.

So, the number of personal companies are accompanying the modification? How does it impact the UAE’s relationship with the remainder of the area? Watch our video above for more information.