What happens if Conor McGregor fails to make the weight for Floyd Mayweather showdown?


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Mayweather has labelled McGregor as ‘extremely heavy’ ahead of Friday’s weigh-in for 154lbs bout

FLOYD MAYWEATHER has labelled Saturday’s opponent Conor McGregor as “extremely heavy”.

But what happens if the Irish MMA sensation – who will be having his pro boxing debut – does indeed come in over the 154lbs weight limit?


Floyd Mayweather has claimed McGregor will be over the 154lbs weight

What happens if Conor McGregor fails to makes the weight?

If Conor McGregor comes in over the weight, he will get a fine taken out of his fight purse.

Because there’s no belt on the line, all that McGregor has to lose is a fine, not the chance to win a title.

McGregor’s fine, however, would go straight to Mayweather’s pocket, as the fighter who fails to make the weight has to pay his opponent.

Floyd Mayweather has been enjoying a Burger King -but says it will be McGregor who could miss the weight

YouTube, UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

Floyd Mayweather has been enjoying a Burger King -but says it will be McGregor who could miss the weight

What has Floyd Mayweather said about McGregor’s weight?

Mayweather, who is coming out of retirement for the fight, has accused McGregor of being a full 10 pounds over the 154lbs limit.

He has added that the fight will not be called off even if McGregor fails to make the weight.

Mayweather said: “Conor McGregor is extremely heavy right now.

“I think he’s 164 so he’s still got 10 pounds to go.

“I get that extra money if you can’t make the weight.

“Get those extra millions ready. UFC get those extra millions ready.

“You got to get that weight down like a true champion. A true champion is disciplined and very responsible but we’ll see.

“I don’t think he’s going to make the weight.

“If he don’t make the weight, we still going to fight but there’s going to be a heavy fine.”

When is the weigh in, and can I get tickets?

The weigh in is set to take place at the T-Mobile Arena on Friday at 11pm BST, the night before the fight.

The weigh-in tickets are available to those who have already bought their tickets to Saturday’s bout, or who have purchased tickets to one of a handful of the official viewings.

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