What Survivor Winners Have Done With Their $1 Million Prize

What Survivor Winners Have Done With Their $1 Million Prize

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The flight attendant wound up taking house the $1 million reward throughout Survivor: China and intended on seeing the world with it, however he openly had problem with alcohol addiction after his time on the CBS truth hit.

A regular visitor on theDr Phil Show, he made headings in 2017 when he declared to Stat and The Boston Globe that the manufacturers of the program provided him with alcohol and Xanax prior to bring him out onto the phase throughout his notorious 2013 look, when he blew a. 5 on a Breathalyzer test. (He appeared once again in 2016, exposing he had actually fallen back.)

An associate for the program rejected the claims, informing E! News, “The Stat post does not relatively or precisely explain the approaches of Dr Phil, the television program, or its objective to inform countless audiences about alcohol and drug dependency. The reveal does not provide drugs or alcohol to its visitors and any recommendations to the contrary is errant rubbish. “

During his Reddit AMA in 2018, Todd stated, “I’m grateful in a great deal of methods for the program[Survivor] For getting me assist in the best locations in the nation. That’s a present right there. There are some features of the program that I do not like, which I do not believe are genuine. … I must have remained in the health center, because sense. There needs to not be liters of vodka in my dressing space.”

Following his win in 2007, Todd, who when dated fellow castaway Spencer Duhm, ended up being a waiter in Orlando, informing People in 2012, “Customers say, ‘I know you from somewhere,’ but I never tell them from where. They’re gonna leave a lousy tip if they know I won a million dollars.”

Now “happy and sober,” Todd exposed in his Reddit AMA that he handles a theater.