What Ted Lasso’s Cast Said About the 3rd and Likely Last Season

What Ted Lasso's Cast Said About the 3rd and Likely Last Season

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It’s the news we do not wish toBelieve

With the most likely verification that the upcoming 3rd season of Ted Lasso will be its last, E! News asked the cast of the Apple TELEVISION+ hit– which was simply chosen for a massive 20 Emmys for its 2nd season– about what we can anticipate from the AFC Richmond gang as it prepares to bid farewell.

After Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca, solidified our worries and firmly insisted “it is the last season,” Phil Dunster, who plays Jamie Tartt, stated there’s some resolution on the horizon.

“We have been seeing people learn their lessons in season one and their act in season two,” he exposed, “and now it feels like there’s a finalizing of those stages here that may well continue afterwards or not.”

Phil likewise hinted that the 3rd season will be a huge one for some unsurprising characters, stating, “There are some really amazing performances from some people who maybe we haven’t seen those performances from.”