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What We Hope To See From Dancing With the Stars'

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New Kinds of Contestants  

Why do they keep casting celebs without any dancing capability? That’s the concern we wind up asking ourselves every season as we see some superstars who are hardly able to shuffle through a single regimen. They do not get the time to genuinely improve, and other dancers wind up needing to hold themselves back (see: the lift guideline). Scores are likewise manipulated, considering that there are just 10 points in a rating, and just a lot of points you can enhance prior to you’re simply best whenever. 

But if a superstar without any dancing capability begins getting fours, then the excellent dancers start getting 7s or 8s, and they can just get to 10, while even worse dancers can appear to enhance much quicker.

We likewise grumble when entrants are currently expert dancers, since that appears to make it unreasonable, however there needs to be a middle ground, like a minimum requirement of dance ability in order to complete. Why would you even register to do the program if you understand you can’t dance, and you’ll be out in the very first or 2nd week? A more even playing field would produce a more amazing competitors. 

Actual celebs (who are not political leaders) would likewise be an excellent guideline for the casting department to have. 

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