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Better beware, since Gossip Girl will be back prior to you understand it. 

HBO Max has actually formally distributed a best date and a brand-new teaser for the upcoming reboot, which is embeded in the very same universe as the initial series today is taking social networks security to an entire brand-new level. Things have actually gotten a lot scarier in the years considering that the initial Gossip Girl went off the air, and nobody understands it much better than the brand-new variation. 

Details about the program are reasonably limited, however that’s since there’s obviously some huge twist that nobody’s permitted to learn about yet. However, we do understand a fair bit about the cast, and there’s a great deal to hypothesize about as we prepare to be familiar with an entire brand-new generation of ruined Upper East Siders and their significant social lives. 

Plus, think about the truth that this program is streaming on HBO Max, and not a broadcast network. Things are going to get steamy! 

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