When traveling this summer season, secure your house with tech – Video

When traveling this summer, protect your home with tech - Video

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The technique to safe proofing your house when you head out of town.
Is to make it appear like you didn’t head out of town.
Try setting up a couple of devices to make it appear like you didn’t go anywhere.
Your primary step is to purchase a clever plug.
They can cost less than $20, and pop right into your routine outlets.
Plug your light or tv into them, and you can configure when they go on and off, through a mobile phone app.
The next level of security is to set up an outside cam.
Nest electronic cameras placed at points of entry will send you notifies when movement is identified.
Ring door bells can be simply as reliable at your front door too.
And lastly, Ring likewise makes a movement noticing outside light that begins at $30.
A more costly choice is the Philips Hue bulb.
Either choice would provide the impression that your house Even when you’re truly not.
For evaluates on all these items, see c/net.com.
In San Fransisco, I’m Kara Tsuboi with c/net for CBS news.