Whitney Port Relives Her Hills Oscars Fall: “I Was Mortified” – E! Online

Whitney Port Relives Her Hills Oscars Fall: “I Was Mortified

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Today’s OMG minute of the day: Whitney Port is tossing it back to the awkward minute when she fell while strolling down the stairs in an Oscars dress. 

As fans keep in mind, the truth star took a little tumble in 2014 while modeling Hilary Swank‘s 2005 Oscars gown by Guy Laroche. Narrated by Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley, it all aired on Good Morning America and The Hills.

Apparently experiencing it IRL wasn’t enough, since Whitney relived the notorious fall on Friday, Jan. 22, when she and her hubby Tim Rosenman saw the whole video and blessed us with their live responses in a brand-new YouTube video. 

As Whitney saw it back, her eyes expanded and she covered her mouth with her fist. She instantly stated, “Oh my God. Thank God I bounced back. It wasn’t horrible.”

Later, she stated, “It’s like reviving all these [emotions], I was so mortified. I might not stop sobbing later on.” The starlet included, “I was just so embarrassed that I fell on live TV” and remembered attempting not to “freak out on camera.”

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