Who discovered Mars, anyway? A look back at the history of the Red Planet


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Who found Mars? That is a trick query: As a result of the planet is seen to the bare eye, people have been watching our rusty neighbor for 1000’s of years, and there isn’t any strategy to observe down the title of the long-dead observer who first seen its reddish glow.

However simply because we’ll by no means be capable to give that sharp-eyed human a reputation does not imply there’s nothing fascinating to study concerning the historical past of observing Mars.

Mars, like the opposite planets seen with no telescope, has caught folks’s eyes for its uncommon motion towards the background constellations. Cultures from the Maya to the Chinese language, and from the Aboriginal Australians to the Greeks, left observations of its wandering path throughout the sky. [Mars at Opposition 2018: How to See It and What to Expect]


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That stated, they did not know what Mars was — it was only a brilliant mild that did not behave in fairly the identical method as the opposite brilliant lights did. “These [planets] after all by no means have been regarded, as they’re now, as their very own separate worlds,” Anthony Aveni, who research historical astronomy in Central and South America and who retired final 12 months as a professor at Colgate College, advised House.com.

Early observers of Mars additionally prioritized various kinds of observations of the planet than we do right now. Trendy astronomers give attention to the sidereal 12 months, the time it takes Mars to orbit the solar — about 687 days. However for hundreds of years, Aveni stated, that wasn’t the quantity sky-minded folks related to Mars. “They acknowledge periodicities and actions that we do not pay any consideration to,” he stated.

For Mars, that meant folks prioritized 780 days, the typical size of the cycle that Mars exhibits within the sky. The planet seems and disappears within the evening sky, generally slipping into the sunlit sky and turning into invisible. In case you watched from look to look, or from disappearance to disappearance, a cycle would final about 780 days, the synodic interval of the planet. “It is about how Mars pertains to you personally, the way it pertains to our tradition,” Aveni stated. “It isn’t about how lengthy it rotates, whether or not it has life.”

Aveni primarily research the Maya, and he stated that the majority of what we find out about how they watched Mars comes from only one guide, known as the Dresden Codex. The textual content features a desk of observations that students know have to be of Mars due to the 780-day cycle.

The guide additionally features a drawing of what students check with because the “Mars Beast,” which Aveni described as a macaw-like creature with a nostril like an elephant’s trunk. He added that the planet’s orbit, which carries Mars throughout the entire sky, formed the traits related to it. “He is extra of a watchdog or a guardian of the whole panorama,” Aveni stated.

Different cultures trying to the sky, Aveni stated, have been extra curious about how the completely different planets interacted than in any particular person planet’s journeys. For instance, he factors to Chinese language astronomers, who have been fascinated by planetary conjunctions.

One Aboriginal Australian communitysaw Mars as one in every of 4 wives following the moon; one other noticed Mars and Venus as the 2 eyes of a celestial being. Though few traditions about Mars survive, astronomers specializing in Australia have proof that Aboriginal peoples throughout the area tracked it and the opposite planets rigorously for millennia.

And, after all, the Greeks and Romans traced the actions of Mars and different celestial our bodies throughout the sky. They related the Pink Planet with their god of struggle (Mars to the Romans; Ares to the Greeks), giving us the Mars we all know right now.

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