WHO states coronavirus goes into ‘brand-new and hazardous stage’ as everyday cases strikes record

WHO says coronavirus enters 'new and dangerous phase' as daily cases hits record

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The coronavirus pandemic has actually gone into a “new and dangerous phase” as everyday Covid-19 cases struck record highs, the World Health Organization cautioned Friday.

The variety of brand-new cases reported Thursday “were the most in a single day so far” at 150,000, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated throughout an interview from the company’s Geneva head office. 

Almost half of the overall cases were reported from the Americas, Tedros stated, with a a great deal originating from Southern Asia and the Middle East. 

“Many people are understandably fed up with being at home. Countries are understandably eager to open up their societies and economies. But the virus is still spreading fast. It is still deadly and most people are still susceptible,” he stated. 

The coronavirus has actually sickened more than 8.5 million individuals around the world and eliminated a minimum of 454,359, according to information put together by Johns Hopkins University.

The United States has the worst break out on the planet. The infection has actually contaminated 2.1 million Americans and a minimum of 118,435 have actually passed away, Hopkins information programs. As of Thursday, the country’s seven-day average of brand-new Covid-19 cases increased more than 15% compared to a week earlier.

Tedros stated world leaders and the general public requirement to “exercise extreme vigilance” versus the infection, prompting them to “focus on the basics.”

“Continue maintaining your distance from others. Stay home if you feel sick. Keep covering your nose and mouth when you cough. Wear a mask when appropriate. Keep cleaning your hands,” he stated. 

The WHO has actually been alerting world leaders that there can be “no going back to business as usual” following the Covid-19 break out, which has actually overthrown economies and damaged almost every nation around the world.

The company has actually informed nations that they will require to handle around the coronavirus for the foreseeable future as cases level off or decrease in some nations, while peaking in others and resurging in locations where the Covid-19 pandemic seemed under control.

Tedros stated Friday that the world will “overcome” the pandemic and be much better gotten ready for a future crisis. He included the WHO is worried about cases in low- and middle-income nations.

“Covid-19 has demonstrated that no one is safe until we are all safe,” he stated. “Only by putting politics aside and working in true collaboration can we make a difference.”

Scientists throughout the world are fast-tracking work to establish a vaccine for the infection. There are at least 141 vaccines in advancement, according to the WHO. At least 13 are currently in scientific trials.

Tedros stated discovering a safe and efficient vaccine will be a “very difficult journey,” keeping in mind researchers have actually never ever produced an effective vaccine for a coronavirus.

“There is no known vaccine against any coronavirus so far,” he stated. “If a vaccine is discovered, this will be the first vaccine for coronavirus.”

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