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Why Alex Albon Says Netflix's Drive to Survive

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Formula 1 is rapidly racing its method into U.S. appeal, something expert F1 chauffeur Alex Albon credits to the Netflix docuseries Formula 1: Drive to Survive

“What I’ve seen is, basically, America’s really taken off,” Alex solely informed host Austin J. Mills on theOct 24 episode of E! News’ DRIVE! “We got three races now in Formula 1 where we come to America. It’s always sold out.”

The primarily European sport has actually ended up being “such a huge thing” in the States, according to Alex, particularly because the Netflix series’ launching in2019 The reveal– which premiered its 4th season in March– offers fans a behind-the-scenes check out the world of F1 racing and its chauffeurs, consisting of Alex.

“In some ways, honestly, it’s kind of saved Formula 1,” he included. “It’s been really impressive, so it’s been really good for the sport.”

Not to discuss, Drive to Survive presented his sweetheart– expert golf enthusiast Lily Muni He— to the world of F1. The 2 have actually been dating because 2019.