Why Alexis Ohanian Thinks Pregnant Serena Williams Is Expecting a Girl

Why Alexis Ohanian Thinks Pregnant Serena Williams Is Expecting a Girl

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Back in August, Serena revealed her desire to grow her household in an essay for Vogue, in which she revealed she was “evolving away from tennis.”

“In the last year, Alexis and I have been trying to have another child, and we recently got some information from my doctor that put my mind at ease and made me feel that whenever we’re ready, we can add to our family,” she composed. “I definitely don’t want to be pregnant again as an athlete. I need to be two feet into tennis or two feet out.”

In the piece, Serena shared Olympia has actually been desiring a child sibling– keeping in mind the kindergartener “doesn’t want anything to do with a boy”– for rather a long time. But ending up being an older brother or sister isn’t the only thing she’s delighted about nowadays.

When it concerns her present interests, it appears like Olympia is more so following in the steps of her professional athlete mommy versus her tech business owner daddy.

“She’s been more into sports so far,” Alexis informed CNN’s Chris Wallace “She just started getting into golf, which I’m very much indulging. I was hoping to get more into soccer. We’re still not there yet. I think she’s actually winning. She’s more of a jock than a nerd at this point.”

And while he stated he’s still having his child find out about innovation– such as through using ChatGPT for bedtime stories– he eventually desires her to pursue her own enthusiasms.

“Obviously, I’ll get her into programming soon enough,” he included, “and you know, as long as she does what she’s happy with, that’s all that matters.”