Why Fox Delayed Monarch 2 Weeks Before Premiere

Why Fox Delayed Monarch 2 Weeks Before Premiere

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Looks like we will not be getting Susan Sarandon‘s c and w launching this month after all.

On Wednesday,Jan 12, Fox revealed that Monarch, the drama series starring Sarandon, Trace Adkins and Anna Friel, which was set to bestJan 30, will now premiere in the fall due to COVID-19

“With an amazing pedigree of skill and musical efficiencies, the strongly engaging drama, Monarch, is a leading concern for Fox Entertainment in 2022,” the Fox Entertainment representative stated. “Unfortunately, due to the inescapable truths of the pandemic and the extensive effect Covid-19 continues to have on our market and all over the world, it is needed to reschedule Monarch‘sJan 30 launching to the Fall.”

The representative continued, “Fox’s brand-new 2022-23 slate, moving a program of this magnitude enables us to have its whole very first season produced, develop extra, prominent material and advertising windows to support launch, and offer our audiences the very best chance to delight in the series as planned with a non-compromised run of episodes. We thank our cast, manufacturers, authors and the whole team for their vigorous work and continued devotion to the nation music-filled world that is Monarch