Why Ice- T and Coco Austin Make for the Perfect Blend

Why Ice-T and Coco Austin Make for the Perfect Blend

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They married simply a couple months after conference and stay rooted on the East Coast, where Law & & Order: SVU is shot. Ice- T reported for operate in 2000 preparation to do 4 episodes and stays a star of the withstanding NBC procedural, now in its 24 th season, gladly selling Hollywood for the New Jersey suburban areas.

The artist likewise took a hint from Ozzy when it concerned handing the secrets to the empire over to his fairer half.

“Behind the scenes Coco has actually been my personal assistant, similar to Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy, running all my businesses, all the logistics of tours and all that,” he informed PR.com in2011 “Everything that I do other than act, Coco’s on the phone making all those deals happen and doing everything that she’s doing with her career, simultaneously. So I’ve got the easy job. I just go out and do the work and Coco handles all the business behind the scenes.”

And Ice- T could not gush enough about his ride-or-die, stating, “She’s sincere, she’s sweet. She’s not silly on a relationship level. She’s goofy and playful, but she’s very sincere. She means what she says, she didn’t lie, she’s honest and she wasn’t materialistic. She was just like, ‘If you treat me right, I’ll treat you right.’ That’s pretty much the basis to any good deal, just treat each other right. She’s lived up to the deal for the past 10 years.”

Coco included, “And I wanted to become that ultimate woman for him. When I was around him for a couple weeks, I gathered all the facts of what he liked and what he didn’t like, and I just shape-shifted into that woman for him.”

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