Why is Friday the 13th so spooky?


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In the event you undergo from triskaidekaphobia, the 13th of each month is actually not your day.

Triskaidekaphobia is the worry of the quantity 13. So, if you’re a triskaidekaphobe and superstitious, Friday the 13th could be terrifying.

There’s a number of folklore to buttress a triskaidekaphobe’s worry, and early examples date all the way in which again to the Bible.

Judas, the apostle identified for betraying Jesus, is believed to be the 13th visitor on the Final Supper. As well as, many individuals imagine the Crucifixion of Jesus was on a Friday. Cain was additionally thought to have killed Abel on Friday the 13th.


In fashionable occasions, the horror movie collection “Friday the 13th” chronicles the actions of serial killer Jason Vorhees, his mom and their victims, of which there are numerous among the many 12 films.

There are another spooky info surrounding the quantity 13.

It’s the variety of witches essential to make a coven. There’s additionally the notorious Apollo 13 moon mission. 

Numerologists say 12 is a “full” quantity, which implies 13 shouldn’t be. There are 12 Zodiac indicators, 12 months in a 12 months, and 12 tribes of Israel. The quantity 13 merely doesn’t full issues just like the quantity 12 does.

Now, at the least in case you undergo from agoraphobia – the worry of sure locations and conditions – you may know why days like at this time could be so horrifying.

Emily DeCiccio is a video producer and author for Fox Digital Originals. Comply with her on Twitter @EmilyDeCiccio

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