Why Jenna Ortega Says She Isn’ t Interested in Dating Right Now

Why Jenna Ortega Says She Isn’t Interested in Dating Right Now

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This isn’t the only time Ortega has actually revealed these beliefs.

“Maybe I am too obsessed with my work, but the idea of relationships stresses me out,” the Yes Day alum informed ELLE for its April cover story, launched March 7. “And also being that vulnerable with someone and having to get to know someone that well and having someone see you for all that you are…My brain knows that I don’t need to think about that right now.”

Indeed, vulnerability is something Ortega stated she’s still attempting to browse in basic.

“I am so fearful of disappointing the people in my life, or even people in public,” she included. “I want to live up to people’s expectations, which is something that I need to get over, but I’m also scared that, I don’t know, maybe someone will get to know me too well and realize that I’m not all that.”

She even confessed can be tough for her to take compliments. “The kind words that I hear that they say about me through other people are unbelievable to me,” she shared. “I feel like just the people in my life see me in a way that I don’t really see myself.”