Why Never Have I Ever Didn’t Follow Its Characters to College

Why Never Have I Ever Didn't Follow Its Characters to College

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Not whatever can last permanently.

When Mindy Kaling co-created Never Have I Ever, which dropped its 3rd season on NetflixAug 12, she understood it might just run for 4 seasons. After all, the program is mainly about the experiences of high schooler Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her pals– which’s a story with a really particular service life.

The series just recently covered production on its upcoming 4th and last season, however offered its success, we could not assist however think about the concept of Never Have I Ever: The College Years

“When you launch a show, it’s really hard to figure everybody out. Once you have them, you’re like, ’40 episodes? That’s it?,'” Mindy specifically informed E!News “I love the character Devi, I love her family, I love her friends. I love this actress so much. I would do the show until she was a grandma.”

If that makes it seem like Mindy has actually had a change of mind– brace yourself for heartbreak.