Why Sam Claflin Liked His “Boring” Daisy Jones Costumes

Why Sam Claflin Liked His “Boring” Daisy Jones Costumes

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When it concerned assembling Billy’s appearance, Daisy Jones and the Six outfit designer Denise Wingate had an extremely specific motivation in mind.

Denise specifically informed E! News, “The just referral that I felt actually highly about was Bruce Springsteen for Sam Claflin, who plays Billy Dunne.”

And that’s really why Billy’s design stays constant throughout the program, about an imaginary rock band increasing to popularity in the 1970 s and the pressure that fame triggered on their relationships.

“I felt Billy was a character that was going to stay true to his roots and didn’t get caught up in the fame,” Denise exposed. “And I’ve always felt that way about Springsteen: He’s managed to carry that legacy throughout his entire career.”

However, Denise confessed that appearing like The Boss wasn’t the most interesting thing on the planet.

“While I was dressing everybody else in these fabulous leather jackets and fur coats,” she stated, “He’d be like, ‘Another denim shirt, thanks.'”

But hey, a minimum of Sam prevented the sweaty trouser circumstance.