Why Shawn Johnson Wasn’t Expecting to Have a Baby This Year – E! Online

Why Shawn Johnson Wasn't Expecting to Have a Baby This Year - E! Online

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And the Nashville homeowners can’t wait to see their “very sassy, very opinionated” young child accept her function as huge sis. “I don’t have siblings,” Shawn kept in mind. “Andrew has four and they’re all very close together. I love seeing that bond that they have, so it was kind of a dream of mine to have kids pretty decently close so they could grow up together and be pretty close.”

Though, to be clear, she’s put the ixnay on the 29-year-old previous NFL long snapper’s imagine having a brood as huge as the one he matured with in Indianapolis. “If we’re really ambitious, we might go for a third, but right now I think we’re set on two,” she worried. And with Baby East set to show up 3 months prior to her child’s 2nd birthday, stated Shawn, “I’m so thrilled to see Drew’s response and to see her support a brother or sister. I’m thrilled for all of the turning points once again.”

Just a year and a half eliminated from her last pregnancy, the Iowa native, 29, anticipated it to be a bit like riding a bike. Just, you understand, with more queasiness and fatigue. “I thought it would feel like old hat,” she stated. “But I forgot everything! I even forgot what I can’t eat. I was like, ‘What is happening?'”

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