Why Taylor Swift Says She Trusts Suki Waterhouse to “Keep Any Secret”

Why Taylor Swift Says She Trusts Suki Waterhouse to

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This is Suki Waterhouse (Taylor Swift‘s variation).

The pop super star just had appreciation for Suki in a brand-new profile about the Daisy Jones & & the Six star’s music. When asked to explain her gal buddy, Taylor didn’t keep back and used a variety of factors regarding why it’s great to call her a buddy.

“Suki has always seemed like she stepped out of a time machine,” she raved toSsence “Her music is so raw and hopelessly romantic because that’s how she moves through the world.”

Taylor continued, “When we hang out, I often come away wondering how someone can be simultaneously spontaneous and free—and also preternaturally wise. She is the wildest person I know who I would also trust to keep any secret.”

If that wasn’t currently a huge adequate compliment, the 33- year-old likewise used evidence of Suki being perhaps the chillest member in her star-studded team. “You’ll be stressed about something trivial,” Taylor mentioned, “she’ll just look at you, cigarette in hand, and say ‘Babe, you know none of this actually matters.’ And she’ll be exactly right.”