Why These Very Merry LGBTQ+ Holiday Films Matter So Much – E! Online

Why These Very Merry LGBTQ+ Holiday Films Matter So Much - E! Online

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Those first-love jitters were likewise obvious in the chemistry in between Mamma Mia!‘s Juan Pablo Di Pace and Peter Porte, the stars of Paramount Network’s Dashing in December. Set in a winter season wonderland-like Colorado cattle ranch, the movie is likewise a reassuring romance, one made much better with the assistance of Andie MacDowell, who plays Porte’s mommy. (Yes, the visual appeals may advise you of Brokeback Mountain).

“We’re part of a little bit of a revolution,” Di Pace informed E!, acknowledging the movie as one of the very first with gay leads. “It’s quite realistic in terms of that first meeting between two humans—regardless of them being gay or straight. The gay thing also doesn’t come with any self-loathing. It doesn’t come with any, ‘Oh my god, there’s an illness, or someone’s dying.'” 

A Hallmark preferred (Rome in Love, A Gift For Christmas), Porte saw Dashing in December as a chance to step beyond his convenience zone, describing he usually plays the male love interest to a “beautiful blonde girl from the city who returns home.” But thankfully not this time around. “When I heard and read the script,” he joked, “I got very excited because I recognized that I would finally get to play that blonde girl after all these years!”

Regardless of whether these motion pictures are thought about great, bad or deserving of vital praise, it’s the method they’ll make individuals feel that matters.

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