Why Troian Bellisario Had “Extreme Anxiety” at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding – E! Online

Why Troian Bellisario Had

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“They look ridiculous unless you’re in the 1930s. You could get one that is an absolute piece of art, but then are you being too vain and trying to call too much attention to yourself? Or if you get a fascinator that’s very small, are you not going for tradition,” she continued.

The Clara star discussed that she never ever “needed a fascinator in my life,” so the style device was brand-new to her. “Here I was trying to walk this tightrope of ‘don’t go too big, don’t go too small.’ It was a nightmare,” she revealed.

Before the royal wedding event, the 34-year-old remembered the discussion she had with her stylist over the headpiece.

“My stylist, Annabelle Harron, is in fact an Aussie, and I called her right prior to I will go out the door and I resembled, ‘Annabelle, this is not a complete hat.’ And she stated, ‘It’s fine, you have a veil, you have a head covering,'” Troian shared.

Adding, “And I was like, ‘If the British press tears me apart, I can never forgive you for this.’ And she said, ‘Trust me, I’m an Aussie. I’ve got you!'”

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