Why Zayn Malik’s New Album Is Sparking Gigi Hadid Engagement Rumors – E! Online

Why Zayn Malik's New Album Is Sparking Gigi Hadid Engagement Rumors - E! Online

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Are Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid prepared to get married? The lyrics to among the vocalist’s brand-new tracks has fans raising eyebrows.

At midnight on Friday, Jan. 15, the One Direction alum dropped his brand-new album, Nobody Is Listening, including a series of attractive lyrics apparently about his relationship with the supermodel. But it’s one tune in specific that captured the attention of fans.

In “When Love’s Around,” Zayn hinted that he may have marital relationship on the brain while singing about somebody becoming his spouse. “Never feels right / Never feel that type of way / But I need you in my life / Yeah you could be my wife for real,” he sings on the track. “Only takes a woman / To show you what it means to love.”

After hearing the tune, which includes Syd, fans required to social networks to decipher the lyrics. “i just listened to when love’s around,” one fan wrote, “and is zayn gonna propose to gigi ????!!” Another Twitter user likewise shared a picture of the tune lyrics, asking, “I mean… IS HE PROPOSING THAT WAY?”

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