Will Bachelorette Alum Connor Get the Bradshaw Fam’s Approval? – E! Online

Will Bachelorette Alum Connor Get the Bradshaw Fam's Approval? - E! Online

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Rachel Bradshaw‘s Bachelorette beau is being tested!

As fans of The Bradshaw Bunch might remember, Rachel’s relative—particularly, her daddy Terry Bradshaw—have actually been identified to set her up with somebody since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Dustin.

Their tries at matchmaking have actually been mainly not successful, however by the appearances of this preview of tomorrow’s brand new episode, Erin Bradshaw‘s choice for her sibling—Connor Saeli from Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette—might be a winner after all.

In the above clip, we get a glance at Rachel and Connor hanging together, however as it ends up, they’re not alone. Instead, they’re with Rachel’s other sibling Lacey, and her hubby Noah, who all of a sudden discovers himself holding a clipboard.

“Before we get too comfortable, we have some questions,” Noah states. “I mean, I don’t want to risk another situation where I fall in love with one of your boyfriends and it breaks my heart.”

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