Woman Buys 24 Eggs to Eat, But Hot Weather Causes Them to Hatch Ducklings Instead


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This was actually not the well being complement she bargained for! A lady in Vietnam had fairly the shock when the duck eggs she bought to devour ended up hatching a bunch of cute ducklings – all due to the recent climate!

We’re all struggling to deal with the onset of the recent spell that’s been taking up Southeast Asia, and it’s brought about some unusual phenomena to occur – however this is likely to be one of many extra aww-some ones. Based on China Press, this Vietnamese woman bought two dozen duck eggs and put them in her kitchen, in hopes of having them later to keep her energy levels up in this scorching climate.

It is possible that she was storing them to eat as ‘balut’, which is a delicacy enjoyed in Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines and Vietnam, and consists of a developing bird embryo, which is usually that of a duck. Not our cup of tea, but hey, every country has its own specialty! 

However, the weather obviously had other plans, as soaring temperatures eventually caused the eggs to mature and hatch! If you think it’s hot in Malaysia, wait ’till you experience 36°C in Ho Chi Minh city! 

Anyway, the weather is not what we are here to talk about. Once the eggs were hatched, out came 24 super adorable ducklings! No ugly ducklings to be found here! 

Now that having ‘balut’ was out of the question, the woman had a much bigger problem on her hands: what was she going to do with 24 ducklings? In the end, she sought the help of her colleagues, who helped by adopting a few each, thereby giving a happy ending to these cute feathered friends!

If we were there at the time this happened, we might have adopted a few ourselves! Just one look at their innocent little faces, and you’ll melt like butter.

Luckily that’s not going to happen to our chicken eggs! What other buzz-worthy incidents have you seen happen as a result of this record-breaking heat? Let us know in the comments below!


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