Woman Couldn’t Bring a Live Chicken on the Train so She Slaughtered it Right Then & There!


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I’m positive you’ve been by way of the irritating second of getting to give up sure objects in your bag whenever you’re on the airport, like meals objects, drinks and sharp objects, and particularly for edibles, you both should throw them away or eat them.

Nicely, a girl from China was at Chongqing subway station when she was stopped by safety who informed her that she couldn’t board the practice, reported Shanghaiist.

This was because she was carrying a live chicken! Obviously, pets and live animals aren’t allowed on the train, but it is uncertain why the woman thought she could get away with it.

It is also unknown why the woman brought a live chicken with her on the train in the first place, but it seems that she just could not part ways with it. So, she did the unimaginable.

Instead of surrendering the chicken to the authorities, or perhaps letting the chicken go free, the woman started killing the chicken over a trash can right then and there!

Source: YouTube

A short video clip shows her holding the bird over the trash can and killing it as the feet of the chicken can be seen flailing weakly.

She had thought of doing this because dead chickens are allowed on board as they are considered as food. This seems to be a flaw in the system which the woman clearly took advantage of.

No one knows if the woman was allowed on the train after killing the chicken, but she must’ve really wanted to bring the chicken to wherever she was going to have gone to such an extent!

Here’s the short clip:


What would you do if you were in this woman’s shoes? Let us know in the comments below!


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