Woman Who Cheated Bank of RM500,000 for Mobile Legends Could Be Jailed for 20 Years



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Cellular Legends is one the preferred video games in South East Asia, interval. From Indonesia to Vietnam, from the Philippines to Laos, and even right here in Malaysia, tens of millions log in each day to check their expertise within the cellular battle area sport.

A part of that recognition is as a result of free-to-play nature of Cellular Legends, which means that anybody can simply obtain the sport and get began. Nevertheless, a whole lot of hundreds of gamers spend on premium skins within the sport so as to showcase, which is how the sport makes its cash.

Seeking to flex on different gamers, a girl recognized solely as RS was lately arrested on the first of Might after stealing greater than 1.85 billion Indonesian Rupiah (RM534,400.25) from a financial institution to spend within the sport.

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According to Detik, deputy chief of the Jakarta Police, Adj. Sr. Comr. Ade Ary Syam Indradi said that RS noticed that after making a purchase, money was not deducted from her account. She then proceeded to make purchases for about a year, eventually raising the suspicion of her bank, who reported her to the police.

She now faces charges under Article 362 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) on Theft, and Article 85 of Law No. 3/2011 on illegal money transfer and money laundering.

Describing how RS managed to spend such an eye-watering amount, Ade said, “She made the purchases repeatedly. She did not spend 1.85 billion rupiah all at once, but in amounts of several hundred thousand at a time.”

“She did it with full knowledge that the purchases made in game did not reflect in her actual bank balance.”

RS could go away for a very long time for those skins she purchased. In a report by TribunWow, she could be jailed for up to 20 years and be liable for a maximum fine of 5 million rupiah (RM1,445.30). That’s some serious jail time just for a game!

As gamers ourselves, we understand the pain of the f2p player. That said, trying to cheat the system may give you some short term joy, but there are real consequences when you get caught!


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