WWE legend Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels’ ex wrestling partner denies posting status admitting he was ‘fighting the urge to have sex with his daughter’

 Marty Jannetty has denied making a post about having sex with his daughter

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WWE legend Marty Jannetty has denied he wants to sleep with his “daughter” and claims he was the victim of a malicious hack.

The 57-year-old, who made his name as part of The Rockers tag-team alongside wrestling hall of famer Shawn Michaels, finally broke his silence late on Thursday after a previous post on Facebook caused a stir online.

Marty Jannetty has denied making a post about having sex with his daughter
 This post, which has since been deleted, appeared on Marty Jannetty's Facebook page

Facebook/Marty Jannetty

This post, which has since been deleted, appeared on Marty Jannetty’s Facebook page

In a post reported by SunSport on Wednesday, which no longer appears on his timeline but can be seen below, he said he and his “daughter” Bianca had fought the urge to become lovers for some time.

However, results of a DNA test appeared to have changed all of that as he seeked advice from his Facebook followers.

Jannetty uploaded a pic of the girl who appears to be in her 20s and wrote: “Just did a DNA [test], she’s NOT my daughter, we both held out of sex because you don’t do that, but now we ain’t.”

The post went on to describe her as “F***IN HOTT” before appearing asking wrestling lovers for a thumbs up on whether he should try to enter into a physical relationship with her.

SunSport contacted the former Intercontinental champion for comment without reply.

However, red-faced Jannetty hit back on Thursday via his Facebook page and claimed he had been a victim of a hack after losing his phone.




“ITS FAKE NEWS!! My site was hacked or it came from a fake account, which I’m constantly having Facebook remove them. (Had been hacked 7 times b4 since on FB)”

He claimed the controversial post was from an unknown thief who had got their hands on a phone he had lost several weeks prior.

 Marty Jannetty and WWE legend Shawn Michaels formed a deadly tag-team


Marty Jannetty and WWE legend Shawn Michaels formed a deadly tag-team

He added: “My biggest disappointment is no one(that saw it) caught on that it was obviously fake and at least ASKED me about it rather than take it as true, EXCEPT, for a few on my fan page.”

The former tag and Intercontinental champ, known for his partying and chaotic lifestyle away from the ring, only learned of Bianca’s existence in 2014 according to other posts on his Facebook page.

Jannetty vowed to turn his life around after she got in contact with the New Jersey-based former star of the squared-circle.

Amazingly, this is not the first time that the old high-flyer has been linked with keeping it in the family.

Back in an interview with Kayfabe Commentaries in 2013, he reportedly admitted that his first sexual encounter was with a niece or cousin when he was aged 12.

Jannetty and Michaels were known as The Rockers during their tag days but their partnership came to an end in one of WWE’s most famously shocking moments.

During a segment at Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake’s shop, the Heartbreak Kid turned on Jannetty and threw him face first through a glass window.

Michaels would go on to become one of WWE’s all-time greats and a multiple world champion while Jannetty’s career endured a steady downhill decline – although he did defeat HBK for the Intercontinental Championship in 1992.

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In 2013 he was working for Pennsylvania-based wrestling promotion Chikara Pro.

Now he does appearances at “Party with Marty” events around various drinking establishments in the US.

This latest sex tale from the ring follows on from wrestling Hall of Famer Ric Flair’s stunning admission.

The Nature Boy claimed to have slept with 10,000 women – but says he is now just a “one woman man” and wishes he had never revealed his huge number of conquests.

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