WWE star Finn Balor brutally sunset flip powerbombed from 20ft onto ladder leaving fans fearing for his health


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THIS is the moment WWE star Finn Balor took a brutal sunset flip powerbomb from 20 feet onto a ladder which left “horrified” fans fearing for his health.

The Irishman was part of an initial seven-man match to win the men’s Money in the Bank briefcase that ultimately made the headlines for Brock Lesnar’s dramatic return.

The Beast surprised everyone with his first appearance since WrestleMania when he became the shock eighth participant over an injured Sami Zayn late in the contest.

The former UFC Champion tossed Ali from a ladder to retrieve the contract and win the match but fans were more concerned with the state of Balor after a brutal spot.

Andrade had set up a bridge between one ladder and the middle rope before he made the climb to the briefcase but found his path blocked by the Demon King.

However, El Idolo proceeded to deliver a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder, through the “bridge”, causing Balor’s body to brutally bounce off onto the mat.


The Intercontinental Champion was then left to writhe around in pain in the ring, with many fans suggesting that the former NXT star would need a chiropractor.

Another tweeted: “Finn really said ‘who needs a working spine huh?'”, while one more said: “Not sure how he was walking after that honestly.”

While many fans were deeply worried about Finn’s health, others praised El Idolo for limiting the potential damage he would inflict on his opponent.

Twitter user Pika wrote: “Most won’t notice this but Andrade positioned the ladder perfectly so it would slip out during impact to protect (Finn’s) neck.”

Although neither of the stars ended up victorious on the night, the two long-term rivals are set to square off once again at WWE Super Showdown in Saudia Arabia next month.

Elsewhere, Bayley won the Women’s Money in the Bank match and successfully cashed it in on the night against Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Live Women’s title.

Becky Lynch managed to retain her other belt, however, as Kofi Kingston, and Seth Rollins also defended the Universal and WWE Championship’s against Kevin Owens and AJ Styles respectively.

 Andrade delivered a brutal sunset flip powerbomb on Finn Balor at Money in the Bank


Andrade delivered a brutal sunset flip powerbomb on Finn Balor at Money in the Bank
 The Irishman was driven through a ladder from 20ft


The Irishman was driven through a ladder from 20ft
 Fans were left worrying for Finn's health after the epic spot
Fans were left worrying for Finn’s health after the epic spot

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