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Some are furry, some scaly and some even fly, but depending what they’re doing, animals can create some of the cutest, funniest or even most heroic moments in time and there was no exception to those moments in 2017.

From the adoption of 48 puppies and dogs in Alberta, to a talking starling wishing Canada a “happy birthday,” 2017 showed the kindness of people, the interesting qualities of animals and sometimes, even the stories that make you go, “What?”

Here are some of the best animal moments of 2017 that we witnessed this year.

B.C. couple teaches bird to say ‘Happy birthday Canada’

A lost starling, who named himself “Chicken,” rescued by a Vernon, B.C., woman surprised more than a few people on the Internet when video surfaced of him wishing Canada a happy birthday.

Cindy Hansen named the little bird “Nubert” after finding him lost in their carport and taking him home. She then taught him to wish her “happy birthday,” but decided instead to teach him to send birthday wishes to Canada, in celebration of the country’s 150th year since Confederation.

Hansen told Global News that Chicken caught on quickly, wishing the country “happy birthday” as early as December 2016, so the couple toned it down until it got closer to Canada Day. Then on June 28, Chicken’s birthday wish went out on social media.

Video of puppy cake smash goes viral

What happens when you put four puppies and a large cake together? You get a video of a puppy cake smash that goes viral on the Internet.

The Edmonton Humane Society video was originally published in June to celebrate the organization’s 110th anniversary but instead became an Internet sensation.

All four puppies enjoyed the animal-friendly cake and were walking and leaping all over the cake. And as an added bonus, the society later reported all four puppies were successfully adopted.

Mayor of Mexican fishing town weds crocodile

The mayor of a southern Mexican town left more than a few people puzzled on social media when he married a crocodile in June.

Part of a symbolic ceremony in place since 1789, the marriage occurs to bring a good harvest and fishing season for the town of San Pedro Huamelula.

The reptile bride was paraded through the town and the pair sealed the wedding with a kiss.

48 puppies and dogs rescued from northern Alberta

A total of 48 puppies and full grown dogs were rescued in November from northern Alberta.

Responding to a call, the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society made their way north and found the animals “struggling to survive” at a local dump. They said many of the puppies were emaciated and badly dehydrated. The Northern Alberta’s New Beginnings Animal Rescue Society also assisted in the rescue.

The group of animals included a mother and her 11 puppies, which went to a foster home in central Alberta where they’ll stay until the puppies are older. The rest were brought to the shelter where they’ll be examined, vaccinated and de-wormed. AARCS told Global News some are still up for adoption but many have “found loving homes.”

Saskatchewan firefighter rescues dog from icy river

The rescue of a dog from an icy river in Saskatchewan was caught on camera at the end of November.

Firefighters and other emergency personnel were called to Swift Current River on Nov. 28 to reports of a dog that had fallen through the ice.

A firefighter, equipped in a suit to withstand cold temperatures and tied to a line, made their way onto the ice and was able to get the dog back to shore.

Moose on the loose charges Sudbury police cruiser, runs wild around city

Sudbury police were kept busy on Dec. 2, but instead of chasing a criminal, they were after a moose.

Police first reported seeing the moose around 8 p.m. in a pond, but 30 minutes later, Martha the moose was charging at a patrol car, with the charge being caught on camera and an accompanying tweet: “Just another Sudbury Saturday Night in Northern Ontario.”

Martha was also spotted in a nearby shopping mall’s parking lot, where she almost rammed a car before leaving. Police said the next morning that she had returned to the forest.

Duck teases tiger with game of cat-and-mouse

It was a game of cat-and-mouse, or in this case tiger-and-duck, at a wildlife park in Australia, but it looked more like a battle between Tweety Bird and Sylvester as the duck managed to outwit the tiger at every turn.

In January, the duck landed in the pen of Jalur, a Sumatran tiger, and every time the larger animal got close, the duck would weave out of the way.

Zoo workers said after about 10 minutes, Jalur gave up.

*With files from Sarah Kraus, Erika Tucker, Caley Ramsey and Alex Maveal, Global News. 

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