You Can Now Drink Bubble Tea & Save the Environment With This New Straw-less Boba Cup



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Boba has already develop into the largest phenomenon in Malaysia provided that we’ve practically a whole street devoted to boba in SS15, however with the elevated gross sales of boba comes the elevated use of straws.

However what if we may discover a approach to take pleasure in boba drinks with out destroying the planet with our literal tons of straws? Properly, Taiwanese industrial designers Mickey Wu and Fang Shih have done just that with Float!

Float, a strawless boba cup, lets you sip your favourite brown sugar milk tea, wintermelon milk tea, or any other boba drink you can think of in style and in support of the environment. Here’s why you need to get yourself a Float cup:

  • It has one hole for enjoying boba with your drink, and another smaller one if you’d just rather sip your tea.
  • The BPA-free cup allows toppings to float above the ice!

Source: Behance

  • Why be just environmentally friendly when you can be EXTRA environmentally friendly as the outer part is made out of recycled glass.

Source: Behance

  • It’s spill-safe!
  • It’s light enough to bring anywhere (Xin Fu Tang, JLD Dragon, Daboba, The Alley – even though all these stores are literally right next to each other. I guess it’s light enough to hold while waiting an hour in line)
  • It’s easily disassembled for washing.

Source: Behance

And it looks really cool.

Here’s to drinking all the boba you want while saving the environment! 


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