Your stars with Lilith



ARIES: Mercury retrogrades to Aries and your ruler Mars pirouettes into Gemini, followed by early week moon in your sign: all markers for your feeling capable, confident and in charge.  But moods flicker quickly and unruly emotions surge, making it wise to sort private gripes alone and quietly before taking them to a public confrontation.

TAURUS:  Before Venus starts boosting your social life for the coming month, this week would benefit from some revision time by yourself conducting an update of your current wish list – which might surprise you. Then midweek new moon joining the sun in your sign brings powerful support for making these dreams come true.

GEMINI:  As your planet ruler Mercury retrogrades in Aries, Aries’ boss planet Mars enters Gemini: astro-speak indicating an overriding urge to verbalise, best directed into practical channels. Money’s the talk of the town right now, with the new moon highlighting long-range financial plans that emphasise steady and sensible over fast and flashy.  

CANCER:  With Mars moving into your house of seclusion, home comforts beckon. You know you have to make a decision soon, but if it feels like present circumstances aren’t giving you the go-ahead – you’re right, they’re not.  So use this reclusive, private time to reflect, dream and ponder while events develop organically.  

LEO: While Mars in your house of friends and socialising ushers good-time vibes in your majesty’s direction, down-to-earth midweek new moon sets the focus on practicalities: which this week means making the most of frustrating limitations. As dissatisfaction escalates, unless something directly involves you, best stay away from the crossfire.

VIRGO:  If Mercy retro messes with this week’s plans, of course life doesn’t come to a full stop with every retrograde. So what to do?  Begin by banning the word “should” from your vocabulary. Give yourself and everyone else wiggle room. Relax under pressure. And trust life’s forward progress despite the present undertow.  

LIBRA:  Jupiter in Libra pumps for partnership while Uranus stimulates the sign of rebel individuality, making this week’s balance between mutual co-operation and staying true to your own artistic integrity.  Venus is percolating and flirty, but retrogrades can make things awkward – or totes awks, for those who aren’t comfortable with a whole word.

SCORPIO:  Mars moving into Gemini and midweek new moon both have a new-start effect on Scorpworld.  As in meeting new people, making new connections and finding new ways to combine contemporary technologies with existing structures so both are enhanced.  Big work … but don’t forget to honour Venus in your own inimitable fashion.


SAGITTARIUS:  As Mars charges into vocal, articulate Gemini you’ll have very definite ideas and ideals about how things should be.  But if this week doesn’t meet your expectations, then what?  Saturn’s bargain in your sign is this: don’t get your tuckus in a ruckus. Present conditions aren’t a life sentence, they’re a learning curve.  

CAPRICORN:  Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn for half a year: exciting or frightening?  Both, and so much more. But no need for jitters and heebie jeebies: consider it celestial support for in-depth composting. And while you love routines, Mars in Gemini can’t stand boring, so is it time to make your daily disciplines more jazzy and perky?  

AQUARIUS:  Mars in a fellow air-sign lifts your spirits this week to a lighter, brighter, more exciting vibe – though disgruntled others could come along and ruin the mood.  Perhaps their grievances are valid, in which case do what you can, but steer clear of drama queens making a big deal out of nada.

PISCES:  Don’t expect business as usual during retrogrades, because they’re the perfect cosmic opportunity to do all the stuff you’ve been putting off – like backing up devices and making those catchup calls. As always with Mercy retro, you’ll also need to double check travel plans, social arrangements, paperwork and important information.



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