Your Weekly Attenborough: Sitana attenboroughii


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Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard. (Credit score: Sadasivan, Ramesh, Palot, Ambekar & Mirza, 2018)

It’s a lizard!

It’s my distinct pleasure to welcome Sitana attenboroughii, Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard to the world. Measuring someplace beneath three inches from snout to vent, the lizard is a welcome addition to the Agamidae household, and bears the “Attenborough” distinction proudly. In lieu of items, we’re as an alternative asking that you just be good to the atmosphere. These little guys reside in a fragile habitat.

S. attenboroughii was simply described within the January difficulty of Zootaxa by Indian researchers, so it’s about as near breaking information as this weblog goes to get. It hails from Kerala, a state on the southwestern tip of the Indian peninsula, and it’s acquired a putting, red-and-blue crest of pores and skin beneath its chin known as a dewlap. Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard units itself aside with a reasonably small, however vibrant, dewlap — a little bit of restrained excellence I’m positive Sir David would approve of.

The colourful fringe (Dilophosaurus, anybody?), solely current in males, is used for communication throughout the breeding season. Although researchers haven’t decoded the precise indicators the dewlap sends, it’s a good guess that it really works as each a type of “hey woman” and “again off, bro” to potential suitors and rival lizards, respectively.

Fan-throated lizards often reside in open environments, and the assorted species vary from mountain plateaus to sandy seashores. S. attenboroughii appears to want the mixture of sandy dunes and spiny grasses Kerala gives, and it could be the one place they’re discovered, based on the Bangalore Mirror. Lizards within the genus Sitana snack on bugs primarily, although some have been noticed making a meal of each mollusks and seeds.

Current work is hinting that there could also be many extra species throughout the genus to be found — many maybe discovered solely in particular habitats as S. attenboroughii appears to be. This household remains to be rising, although it’s doubtless in peril as properly. Human improvement is encroaching in lots of locations, and fragile microhabitats are sometimes essentially the most susceptible.

Bonus Attenborough Reality of the Week:

Listening to David Attenborough narrate nature documentaries is nearly as good for you as meditation.

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