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ARIES: With Uranus in your sign joining Pluto, Saturn and Neptune retrograde, this is a great time to dig in, to nest.  Flex your creative muscles, get stuck into your favourite interests.  And, most importantly, find graceful ways of dealing with distractions and intrusions – snappy reactions won’t make you or any one else happy.  

TAURUS:  Retrograde, shmetrograde – the present power-saving planetary pace suits you down to the ground those Tauran hooves stand on.  And with your planetary diva Venus in the sign of home base, that’s where this week’s action is: with visitors, rellies, tradies and unexpected guests.  Considering renos?  Go for it.

GEMINI:  With the coming month’s astral emphasis in Gemini’s communications department you’re networking dervishes, all over the latest techno innovations.  Information, ideas and media are your thing, but also the place you need to take the most care this week not to cross lines via gossip, hearsay, rumour or fake news.

CANCER:  August brings two big eclipses, during which you lunar beings are advised that the moon space shuttle was only ever on track a small percentage of its journey – mostly it was course-correcting.  Like life on earth, which needs attention this week to material-world earnings, investments, savings, assets and paperwork.  Just saying…  

LEO:  With feisty, argumentative Mars behaving like a temperamental rock star, feelings you’ve kept under wraps, even from yourself, could surface to sabotage this week’s interactions.  Best suggestions?  Don’t be stubborn.  Do compromise.  Avoid emotional extremes.  Maintain your composure.  Take the lead as diplomatic negotiator, peace ambassador and patient mediator.

VIRGO:  Has some project been languishing in the pending file?  How does the prospect of revisiting it in a creative new way appeal?  Retrograde planetary moves tend to reconnect us to unfinished business, making this week ripe for another try: a whole-hearted, give-it-your-best effort.

LIBRA: This week’s leonine vibes in your social sector promise gratifying get-togethers, extravagant gestures, creative solutions and heaps of appreciation, and won’t be averse to a spot of luxury spending, though you will have to umpire personality clashes reminiscent of old-time circus ring lion-taming, so polish up on those whip skills.

SCORPIO:  The life of Scorpio is firing impressively right now, exercising your talents to full stretch.  Self promotion works well this week, especially if you strike out from your familiar comfort zone and take a chance on doing something new.  But while innovation can pay off, making significant decisions without consultation isn’t recommended.

SAGITTARIUS:  Retrograde Uranus brings surprises, not always of the welcome variety, and Venus in Cancer is often highly emotional.  Being deliberately provocative or challenging isn’t this week’s smartest move; playing good listener will be way more rewarding.  To paraphrase a popular saying, don’t waste any opportunity for eloquent silence.

CAPRICORN:  With pushy Mars in proud Leo pressuring this month’s eclipses and retrogrades, self interest is rampant, and unexpressed feelings, unaddressed issues or ongoing conflicts could erupt.  During late week Capricorn moon remember that being right doesn’t necessarily get you liked.  And that most dramas benefit from a little humour and a lot of tolerance.

AQUARIUS:  Relationships of all kinds – public, private, committed, casual, cordial and competitive – are this week’s focus.  As Venus activates your emotional history (sometimes confronting for “Aquirkians”), your primo planet Uranus settles in for a spot of detoxing.  Modern technologies are your forte, so find inventive new ways to make peace with the past.

PISCES:  It is hard to tell fact from exaggerated claims and fantastic fictions this week, but don’t take the strength of someone’s convictions as an accurate gauge of their worth.  Sidestep damage control by checking background sources and verifying information. If something seems just too good to be true, it probably is.


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