YouTuber Ruby Franke’s Lawyer Reveals Why She Won’ t Appeal Sentence

Influencer Ruby Franke Charged With 6 Counts of Felony Child Abuse

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Content caution: This story goes over kid abuse.

Ruby Franke is preparing to face her fate.

The YouTuber– who pled guilty to 4 charges in her kid abuse case– is not preparing to appeal her sentence after she was provided 4 to 60 years in jail for her criminal activities, which the state will top at the 30- year optimum.

“As far as we know, Ruby Franke does not have any intentions of appealing the sentence,” a representative for her lawyer at Winward Law informed Today onFeb 21. “She has taken full responsibility¬†for her actions and is prepared to serve her time in prison.”

The sentence was bied far at a hearing onFeb 20, when a judge offered her 4 successive one- to 15- year sentences, which would amount to 4 to 60 years behind bars if not for the state optimum of 30 years. The quantity of time she will serve will be chosen by the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole, according to NBC News.

During the hearing, the 42- year-old said sorry to her 6 kids and to separated spouse Kevin Franke, who declared divorce in December.