Zendaya Is a Geometric Goddess sometimes 100 Gala: See Every Pic

Zendaya Is a Geometric Goddess at TIME 100 Gala: See Every Pic

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It’s time to commemorate these icons!

Zendaya, Andrew Garfield, Jeremy Strong and Amanda Seyfried were simply a few of the stars who came out to commemorate the yearly TIME 100 Gala in New York on June 8.

The stars presented for pictures on the red carpet at Lincoln Center, smiling for the electronic cameras while being acknowledged as a few of the most prominent individuals of 2022.

In the TIME 100 list, Martin Scorsese called Andrew “a remarkable artist, one of the greats of his generation,” while Zendaya was applauded as “an autonomous creative force herself” and “a cultural icon in the making” by her Dune director, Denis Villeneuve

Another individual who made the desired list? Pete Davidson, who Jack Harlow applauded in a profile in the publication. “Pete’s appeal to the world has everything to do with his authenticity,” the artist stated. “He doesn’t try to hide the person that he is.”