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15. Filming That Big Reveal Was an Actual Secret Mission

On the season one ending, the identity of chatter newsletter author Lady Whistledown is lastly exposed.

“It was so much fun,” Nicole Coughlan, aka Penelope, informed Variety. “We had to film that in the middle of COVID. I had to be super, super secret. I had to be flown over from Ireland, and tested and tested and tested, and do the fitting. It was hyper secret; I couldn’t let anyone know I was there or what was going on. But it was so much fun to film that.”

That critical scene, the starlet stated, was the only Bridgerton scene recorded throughout the COVID age. She discussed that season one covered at the end of February, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked if there will be a 2nd season, Coughlan stated, “We all truly hope [so]. It’s a genuine happiness to make and the action has actually been beyond our wildest dreams.”

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