7 Most Shocking Claims From the “Controlling Britney Spears” Doc

7 Most Shocking Claims From the

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1. Britney’s Phone Was Allegedly Monitored

In The New York Times Presents: “Controlling Britney Spears,” launched on Hulu and FX onSept 24, 2021, Alex Vlasov, a previous Black Box Security staff member who stated he dealt with the star’s group for nearly 9 years, stated Britney was given a demand to have an iPhone that he declared was later on greatly kept track of. He stated Tri Star Sports & &(***************************************************************** )(************************************************************* )staff member Robin Greenhill, a member of Britney’s management group, developed the concept of utilizing an iPad signed into the exact same iCloud that the pop star utilized on her iPhone This would enable others to see all her messages, Facetime calls, Notes, web browser history and photos.

According to the documentary, an attorney for Tri Star Sports & & Entertainment stated all claims including Robin, in addition to Tri Star creator Lou Taylor, were incorrect.

“Edan would bring me text messages of conversations that Britney would have and he would ask me to encrypt those messages and give it to him so he could pass it on to Robin and Jamie,” Alex declared. “They honestly spoke about monitoring her. Their factor for tracking was searching for bad impact, searching for prospective prohibited activity that may occur. But they would likewise keep track of discussions with her good friends, with her mommy, with her attorney Sam Ingham

Alex stated that in 2019, after Britney finished a stint at a psychological health center, her security group was asked to get ready for her an iPhone “that would only be allowed to make phone calls.”

In the documentary, Alex revealed an e-mail apparently forwarded from Edan and which Britney’s then-lawyer, Sam, apparently sent out to 2 legal representatives representing Jamie while likewise CCing Edan, the vocalist’s existing co-conservator of her individual, Jodi Montgomery, and Jodi’s lawyer.

Sam states in the e-mail, whose date is disappointed, that the vocalist asked him to inform her father and security that she wishes to keep her old phone, which she is likewise asking for a brand-new one. Britney’s attorney included that with regard to any brand-new phone, he needed composed verification that nobody aside from the vocalist can access information on it. An supposed action from among Jamie’s legal representatives is revealed and mentions that Britney’s dad “confirms that he has no access to her calls, voicemails and texts.”

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