Adam Sandler’s Daughters Are All Grown Up During Family Night Out

Adam Sandler's Daughters Are All Grown Up During Family Night Out

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Adam Sandler‘s newest household trip is a real gem.

Case in point? The star so welcomed his other half Jackie Sandler and their children Sadie, 17, and Sunny, 15, as plus-ones to the best of his brand-new motion picture Spaceman— an occasion everybody was eagerly anticipating.

“They’ve been excited about this night,” he specifically informed E! News at L.A.’s Egyptian Theatre onFeb 26. “I’ve been hearing about it for two weeks. ‘The premiere! The premiere!’ I was like, ‘The premiere? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I forgot about that.’ I got old, man. I don’t think about this stuff so much. But the kids get excited.” (For more from Adam, tune in to E! News tonight,Feb 27, at 11 p.m.)

It wasn’t the only out-of-this-world experience they had, either. Sadie and Sunny likewise got to see Adam on the set of Spaceman attempting to imitate a zero-gravity environment.

“They were there for a lot of it,” the Happy Gilmore star continued. “They put some wires on and floated around, too. Yeah, yeah, that was cool.”